Dror Ze'evi

Professor of Turkish and Ottoman History in the Department of Middle East Studies, Ben-Gurion University.



The Transformation of Public Space in Turkey

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Dror Ze'evi
Middle East Brief 69, March 2013


One of the mainstays of Turkey's governments throughout its modern history has been a dogged secularism. However, in recent years the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), while still paying lip service to secular tenets, has churned out a stream of laws and injunctions that, taken together, amount to a radical transformation of Turkey’s public sphere. In this Brief, Prof. Dror Ze'evi assesses these changes and examines their implications for Turkey today. It begins with the trajectory that the AKP has followed from its ascent to power to the present, surveying the transformations that are already in place and those that are in the planning stages. It concludes with an evaluation of the present state of affairs—and of the direction Turkey may take in the future.       

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