Payam Mohseni

Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center, holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University’s Department of Government and is a member of the Iran Study Group at the United States Institute of Peace



The Islamic Awakening: Iran’s Grand Narrative of the Arab Uprisings

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Payam Mohseni
Middle East Brief 71, April 2013


In Iran, the 2011 Arab Spring was hailed as an “Islamic Awakening” based on its own Islamic revolution in 1979. In this Brief, Dr. Payam Mohseni focuses on the Iranian conceptualization of this “Islamic Awakening” and the domestic ideological context in which it took shape. Dr. Mohseni further contextualizes Iran’s narrative of the Islamic Awakening from two different perspectives: the soft war and the Islamization of the social sciences. The Brief concludes with a discussion of the political ramifications that the discourse of the Islamic Awakening holds for the regime.       

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