Eric Lob

Eric Lob

Junior Research Fellow at the Crown Center and holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University’s Department of Near Eastern Studies


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Is Hezbollah Confronting a Crisis of Popular Legitimacy?


Eric Lob
Middle East Brief 78, March 2014


Since the battle of Qusayr and Hezbollah's direct military involvement in the Syrian crisis, analysts have pondered whether Hezbollah's actions resulted in a crisis of legitimacy for the party in Lebanon. In this Brief, Dr. Eric Lob argues that the roots of this crisis are multi-varied and date earlier than recent events suggest. Specifically, he explores the sources of the increasing discontent and criticism by analyzing the impact of Hezbollah’s costly foreign adventures against Israel, and its domestic governance deficiencies. In conclusion, Dr. Lob lays out the factors that will enable Hezbollah to remain a dominant actor in Lebanon and the region for the foreseeable future, despite its eroding legitimacy.

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