Seyedamir Hossein Mahdavi

A former member of the Central Council of Mujahedin Inqilab, a reformist party in Iran. During his ten year career in journalism he was the editor of several dailies in Iran and in 2013-14 was a researcher at the Crown Center.



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A Comprehensive Nuclear Deal with Iran: Not Mission Impossible

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Seyedamir Hossein Mahdavi
Middle East Brief 85, October 2014


As the November 24 deadline for a comprehensive agreement between Iran and the P5+1 to resolve the nuclear conflict nears, analysts have become increasingly pessimistic about the prospects of reaching such an agreement. In this Brief, Seyedamir Hossein Mahdavi challenges this 'common wisdom.' He compares the conditions surrounding the current nuclear negotiations to those prevailing in 1988 when Iran decided to accept UN resolution 598 that ended the Iran-Iraq war. Looking at the three dimensions common to the two decisions—the economic, the religious and the ideological—Mahdavi argues that there are important similarities between these sets of conditions. In turn, this leads to the conclusion that just as in 1988 when Iran's Leader drank a "cup of poison" by accepting a cease-fire with Iraq, his successor may well do the same by committing a "heroic" act and accepting a nuclear deal with the P5+1.

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