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Course Feedback Forms

For the past several years, the Committee for the Support of Teaching (CST) has encouraged the use of midterm teaching assessment or course feedback forms to assist faculty in assessing and improving their teaching effectiveness. Using such forms allows suggestions to be immediately incorporated into a particular course, and is therefore more likely to influence teaching effectiveness than an evaluation conducted at the end of the semester.

The Committee has developed four alternative forms that are available for download below. Two of these forms are also available online in the LATTE course outline. For online instructions visit: Using the Course Feedback Tool.

The forms are:

  • A brief two-question form(PDF) identical to the one used on the end-of-semester course and teacher evaluation. This form invites general comments and is available online in the LATTE course outline.
  • An eight-topic assessment (PDF) that invites brief comments on different aspects of your course.
  • A 10-question form[1 to 5 answer scale] (PDF) for quick feedback with additional room for written comments. This form is available online in the LATTE course outline.
  • A 39-question survey [1 to 5 answer scale] (PDF) of seven specific behaviors related to effective teaching. We estimate it would take students no longer to fill out this form than to thoughtfully answer any of the others. The information provided by this form is very specific and it might be useful for illuminating specific areas of your teaching repertoire. You might want to use only those parts that are most helpful to you.

The results of these course feedback forms are meant for your eyes only: you are the only one who reads and assesses the responses.

Students have been very enthusiastic about this process. Since the feedback occurs at a point where student insights can still affect the course, they feel that their opinions matter to you; they also respect the fact that you care about your teaching skills and their learning.

If you would like the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences to provide you with sufficient copies of any of the four different forms discussed above, please call ext. 6-3451.