Staff Directory

Kathy Cook Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Sciences Contact
Joan Shablin Department Coordinator Contact
Angela Hurley Department Coordinator Contact

Elaine Wong Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Contact
Joan Tarkulich Program Administrator Contact
Natalie Adams Program Coordinator, The Brandeis Core Contact

Barbara Wrightson Director of Budget and Planning Contact
Judy Thornton Budget Administrator Contact
Gail Wine Budget Analyst Contact

Lorna Laurent Assistant Dean, (Humanities and Sciences) Contact
Heather Young Assistant Dean, (Creative Arts and Social Sciences) Contact

Eric Chasalow Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Contact
Carina Ray Director of the Faculty Mentoring Program Contact
Gannit Ankori Division Head, Creative Arts Contact
John Burt Division Head, Humanities Contact
John Wardle Division Head, Sciences Contact
Wendy Cadge Division Head, Social Sciences Contact