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Experiential Learning @ Brandeis

In January 2005 Brandeis launched Learning by Doing: Deepening Liberal Arts Education through Experiential Learning, a two and a half year project funded by the Davis Educational Foundation.

Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS)

JBS is a program that gives students an opportunity to combine thematically linked courses, internships, field-based research experiences, creative work, and community engagement to help them delve deeper into a specific area of inquiry.

Brandeis Pluralism Alliance (BPA)

The Brandeis Pluralism Alliance (BPA) has established a grants program for student or faculty initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

Senior Thesis Funding

Limited funding is available to seniors writing theses, up to $150 may be awarded.

Undergraduate Departmental Representative Program (UDRs)

The UDR program is designed to open avenues of communication between undergraduates and departmental/program faculty.

University Writing Center

The University Writing Program incorporates First-Year Writing, Writing-Intensive Courses, and the Writing Center to aid students in strengthening their writing.