Lori Shapiro '17


Hi everyone! I’m really excited to receive the outstanding UDR nomination and share some of the amazing things that the Business UDRs have accomplished this year. Business is one of the largest and fastest growing majors at Brandeis.  With over 500 students, the Business major requires a solid and well-run UDR program. We found that Business students were very interested in forming connections with the business faculty and understanding what options they have for careers post-graduation.  Therefore, this year we decided to do things a bit differently.  We felt that having one well-planned, well-attended event each semester would be much better than trying to hold as many events as possible.  In the fall, we decided to hold a meet the professors panel event; this event had almost 50 people attend, a turnout 5 times greater than we had ever had. In the Spring we are hoping to replicate our success by hosting a financial planning seminar for all graduating seniors.

A lot of effort went into organizing these two events and I couldn’t have accomplished any of this on my own.  The best part about being a Business UDR is how closely I’ve gotten to work with the other 4 UDRs and the Business faculty.  My main piece of advice for future UDRs is to always communicate; the more you communicate both with each other and with your department’s faculty the more enjoyable the UDR process will be.  Try to think outside the box and organize events that you are all passionate about; the more passion you have for your work the more it will translate to the others in your department. Finally, identify and utilize each other’s strengths; if you do so, the event planning process will go much more smoothly and easily. 

All in all, I have really enjoyed being a UDR; I have met so many amazing people along the way and had the unique chance to make a difference in the Business department. I hope you all will be able to do the same!

Thank you.