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UDR Recognition Prize

UDRs are required to submit UDR Activity Reports twice a semester to let us know about the valuable and impactful work that is being done by UDRs for their departments and programs.  Selection of UDR Recognition Prize recipients is based on information that has been submitted by UDRs in their UDR Activity Reports. Recognition prizes are awarded once each semester.

Recipients receive a voucher for lunch at the Faculty Club and may invite a faculty member of their choice to join them for lunch.

2018-2019 UDR Recognition Prize Recipients

Spring Recipients:

Biological Physics UDRs
Fox Baudelaire and Olivia Zou organized events to advise students on different courses offered at Brandeis, career and graduate school opportunities, and to build community within the department. 

Events they organized include: 

  • Alumni Career Panel 
    This event, organized with the Physics UDRs, provided information on career opportunities outside of academia. Guests included alumni in the industry and current graduate students. The panel was asked to introduce themselves and how they chose their field. Dinner was provided and students had a chance to talk to the panelists informally.

  • Brandeis Undergraduate Science Journal Interest Meeting
    This event was planned to generate interest in an initiative to launch an undergraduate science publication at Brandeis called Catalyst.

  • Welcome Back Social
    This was a relaxing and casual event, planned to kick off the semester for physics and biophysics majors. Games, food, and music were provided. 

Physics UDRs
Jesse Held, Rabeya Hussaini, Carly KleinStern organized events to advise students, provide career and graduate school opportunities, and build a stronger sense of community. 

Events they organized include: 

  • Elevator Pitch Competition 
    This event was planned to motivate undergraduate students to improve on their science communication skills and connect them with other peers and faculty interested in research. The focus of the presentations was undergraduate research students participated in or research they have read about in a physics journal of their choosing.

  • GRE Preparation Sessions
    These events, organized with the Biophysics UDRs, were preparatory sessions to familiarize students who plan on applying to graduate school with the physics GRE, its content, and best test-taking strategies. Professors from Brandeis (mostly from Brandeis, a few from Wellesley) had led the sessions.

  • Journal Club
    The UDRs chose scientific paper that would be interesting for students to discuss, as learning how to read scientific articles and analyzing them would certainly come in handy for those in academia and in other professional settings.

  • Social Events
    A series of casual social events, organized with the Biophysics and Mathematics UDRs, were planned for declared majors, minors, as well as any other interested students to build a stronger sense of community within the departments. 

Fall Recipients:

Linguistics UDRs
Alyssa Berkson, Angus Dawson, and Katie Stenhouse organized events to advise students, learn about career opportunities, build community and discuss linguistics related topics.

Events they organized include:

  • Talking Black in America
    This event, organized with the AAAS UDRs, was a screening of “Talking Black in America”, a documentary on African American vernacular English. The screening was followed by a discussion among the attendees, which consisted of both students and faculty.
  • Brandeis Annual Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) Event
    This annual event helps linguistics students learn about speech-language pathology and hear from Brandeis grads who are currently in grad school for SLP or working as speech-language pathologists. It is a panel-style discussion featuring several Brandeis alums.
  • Meet the Majors
    This event provided an opportunity for linguistics program students, prospective students and faculty to mingle. The professors explained the usual trajectory of the program, the major and minor requirements, and presented the courses offered in the spring.
  • Milk and Cookies
    Milk & Cookies is a recurring event where linguistics students (and often faculty) gather to get to know each other, discuss linguistics topics in an informal setting, and get advice on classes and life at Brandeis while eating milk and cookies of various types and dietary needs.

Neuroscience UDRs
Lily He, Janis Li, and Dustine Reich coordinated numerous initiatives to assist students with understanding program requirements and course registration, and learning about research and fellowship opportunities.

Initiatives they planned include:

  • New Website
    The UDRs felt it was important to create a new website for the program in order to make it a more accessible platform for prospective majors. They updated it with information including major requirements, suggestions, extracurricular opportunities, and career brainstorming. Students have voiced their appreciation for this new update.
  • Secrets to REU funding: Get paid to science across the country!
    Dr. Anique Olivier-Mason gave a brief presentation on how to prepare a strong REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) fellowship application and provided information about the programs. Undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs answered questions and split into smaller groups to discuss questions/concerns about undergraduate research and the REU programs.
  • Meet the Majors
    The neuroscience UDRs set up this event, which was also attended by professors, to talk to current and prospective majors about course schedules, interests, and feedback on the programs. They also provided major checklists and an introductory handout to assist them while answering individual questions.
  • Office Hours
    UDRs held individual office hours in which they helped students understand the major, create a four year plan and determine whether the major was right for them.
  • Course Advising
    The Neuroscience UDRs and Head Advisor of the Department held a course advising session in the Shapiro Science Center Atrium, open to all students who had questions about their schedules. They handed out checklists and sample schedules, helped students plan out their schedules for the next semesters, and advised on which classes were recommended for each individual's possible career.

Theater Arts UDRs
Andrew Child, Rachel Greene, and Emily Politi have worked to increase interest in the department, help majors prepare for post-graduation opportunities, and improve Spingold Theater’s accessibility and sustainability.

Initiatives they helped to organize include:

  • Getting to Know You: Faculty and Staff Q&A
    In attempts to increase the number of people reading the weekly newsletter, the UDRs added a new section of interviews with Theater Arts faculty and staff members. Questions range from reading suggestions to information about their first jobs out of college.
  • Performance Head Shot Photographer
    For the third consecutive year, the UDRs hired a professional performance head shot photographer to photograph Theatre Arts majors. These head shots help graduating students enter the work force with needed materials.
  • Sweet and Savory Slumber Party
    The UDRs hosted a “slumber party” after the performance of 'Dream a Little Dream' in order to continue creating excitement around the department’s productions. Students were encouraged to wear pajamas and joined them for a fun evening filled with cheese fondue (including vegan options) and assorted desserts.
  • Spingold Theater Accessibility
    UDRs met and coordinated with several Brandeis departments, including facilities, to provide a higher level of access to Spingold Theater for students and patrons of the productions.
  • Spingold Theater Sustainable Lighting
    UDRs applied to and received funding from the Brandeis Sustainability Fund to update the incandescent light bulbs in the Spingold Theater dressing rooms. Utilizing new light bulbs significantly increases sustainability.