Reporting Requirements

UDR Activity Reports

Twice a semester UDRs are required to submit a UDR Activity Report that summarizes UDR initiatives that have been completed up until the due date of the report and, if applicable, any initiatives that are planned for the remainder of the semester.

These reports let us know about the valuable and impactful work that is being done by UDRs for their departments and programs. The collected information is also used to build a catalog of UDR planning resources that can be shared with other UDRs.

Selection of UDR Recognition Prize winners will be based on information that has been submitted by UDRs in their UDR Activity Reports.

A UDR Activity Report should be submitted for each initiative that has occurred or is planned. If more than one UDR coordinated the initiative, only one of you needs to submit a report. Please submit at least one UDR Activity Report by each of the following due dates:
Fall Semester: October 15, December 1
Spring Semester: March 1, April 15

Year-End Report

UDRs should prepare a year-end report of accomplishments and work in progress to share with their department/program incoming UDRs.