Kate Mandel

kate mandelArea Coordinator, East and Skyline



Kate grew up in southern Denver, CO and spent several years in Greeley, CO attending the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). She also spent a few years in between living in Los Angeles with her lovely sister. She received her BA in Political Science, with minors in Women's Studies and Philosophy and her MA in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs Leadership from UNC.

Kate is a restless person who is constantly seeking new experiences and adventures which is what led her to an ACUHO-I internship in Anchorage, Alaska. Her research interests are varied — a few of the highlights are representations of women in popular culture, conflict resolution and mediation, the relationship between international higher education funding and neocolonialism, and the effect of budgeting practices on university mission development and fulfillment. The list is constantly expanding; as an intensely curious person there is almost no subject that won't hold her attention.

Kate is excited to be moving back to a metropolitan area as she loves any event or gathering, whether it be a sporting event, a concert, or a farmer's market/street fair. The political science nerd in her will love to walk the historic streets of Boston and imagine a much romanticized version of colonial life and revolution.