Animals in the Residence Halls

Students are asked to abide by the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook while enrolled at the University and living in the residence halls. There are two sections of the Handbook which pertain to service and support animals. Section 9.14 Pets: For the health and safety of all residents, fish are the only pets permitted in the residence halls. Fish tanks may have a maximum capacity of ten gallons of water. Section 2.15 outlines exceptions for support and service animals.

Service Animals

Students with disabilities who require the use of service animals are permitted to bring such animals on campus. Students should notify Student Accessibility Services and the Department of Community Living in order to ease the animals' transition onto campus and into the residence halls.

Please note that while Service Animals do not need to be approved, the animal must be in control and exhibiting good behavior at all times or the owner may be asked to remove the animal from campus.

Support Animals

Students who wish to bring a support animal as a reasonable accommodation may be permitted to bring such animals on campus provided that they comply with the University’s policies regarding such animals, once they are approved.

Students seeking to have a support animal in undergraduate housing must submit a Housing Medical Accommodation Request Form and a Medical Care Provider Verification Form. The animal must not be in residence prior to receiving approval from the Department of Community Living. The approval of a request is animal-specific, is not transferable to another animal and must be renewed every year.