Housing Accommodation Request

Brandeis University has a policy for responding to requests for accommodation in the residence halls, based on medical, psychological or disability needs. We provide support services and reasonable accommodations to students who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended in 2008, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. All accommodation requests must be requested and approved annually.


Following the timetable for the process is important, as housing accommodation requests are provided within the context of the campus-wide housing process for all students. We make a strong effort to get students into housing that meets their needs, but also is located with other students from their class year and with friends. 

The due date for the form varies by class year. For housing assignments in the 2019-20 academic year: 

Please note that requests and documentation that are submitted after the above dates will receive consideration. Necessarily, though, the process will be delayed and options for housing assignments are more constrained. 

Housing Accommodation Request form

Documenting a Request

Documentation to support a disability/medical request needs to be received by January 31. (May 31 for incoming first-year students and October 15 for incoming midyear students.) Documentation must be accompanied by a Medical Care Provider Form (pdf). 

Medical Care Provider Form (pdf)

Students who have submitted the request forms will receive written notification from Community Living regarding the status of their request before room selection takes place. Most students will participate in the room selection process, with guidance from Community Living as to how to select the conditions that they need.

Please Note: Students who request kitchen access and receive approval for housing with a kitchen remain obligated to the housing contract and mandatory meal plan.

Direct Documentation to:

Dr. Debra Poaster
Golding Health Center
MS 034 Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02454
781-736-3675 (fax)