Program Calendar

Tentative CA Program Calendar for 2017-2018

Students who are interested in either joining the CA Program or returning to the CA Program for the 2017-2018 academic year should first make sure they are able to be present at the following program events; our program places a high value on attendance at staff meetings, trainings, and other important events and student staff members are expected to be present for all of them in order to be performing at a level consistent with our standards.

Please note that this is not a full calendar for the program, but a list of the major events CAs are expected to attend. A more complete calendar will be shared with hired candidates in late Spring 2017. Dates are tentative and subject to change.  

Fall 2017

August 15 – Head CA Move In For Summer 2017 Training

August 16–18 – Summer 2017 Head CA Training

August 20–24 – Summer 2017 CA/OL Training

August 25–28 – Fall 2017 Opening

October TBA – Health and Safety Inspections

November 5 – Fall 2017 CA Inservice Day

December 5 – CA Holiday Party

December 21 – Fall 2017 Closing

Spring 2018

January 2–4 – Winter 2018 CA Training

January 5 – Winter 2018 Mid-Year Move-In

January 6–9 – Winter 2018 Opening

February TBA – New CA Interviews (Group and Individual)

March TBA – Health and Safety Inspections

March 4 – Spring 2018 CA Inservice Day

March 20 – CA Appreciation Day

April 10 – 2018-2019 CA Team Orientation (For returning staff)

April 24 – End of Year Recognition Banquet

May 9–10 – Spring 2018 Closing