Health and Safety Inspections

Health and Safety Inspections are conducted twice a year at Brandeis, once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester, to ensure that all rooms and halls are safe and secure. This is also an opportunity for staff to identify policy violations, communicate them to the resident and provide the resident the opportunity to remediate the violation. In most cases, if the issue is easily fixable, the violation will not go beyond the follow-up inspection and the violations will not be put through the Student Conduct process.

Health and Safety Inspections include the following:

Common Violations

Most first-time violations, such as non-LED string lights or lofted beds, will be documented by DCL and result in the resident being asked to remove the violation before the CA comes to re-inspect the room. More serious violations will be documented with the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards and will go through the student conduct process. These are the most common violations that present a serious Fire Safety Hazard or involve illegal items. Please visit our website to view our list of permitted and prohibited items in the residence halls.

Some of the more common violations we encounter are listed below, as well as on the linked Health and Safety Inspection Form. Please note these are not the only potential violations, just the most common.


Health and Safety Inspections in all residence halls on campus will take place from Monday, February 24th through Friday, March 13th. All inspections will take place between the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm. 

Follow-up inspections for those who do not pass initial inspections will be completed by Wednesday, March 18th. 

These follow-up inspections will be conducted by your CA and will only take place when a resident is home. For this reason, your follow-up inspection may not take place between 9:00am - 5:00pm. If you are concerned about the timing of your reinspection, we encourage you to reach out to your CA to set up a time for the reinspection to take place.

Community Living staff members will inspect residence halls to evaluate the health, safety, and security of our buildings as outlined in Section 16.3 Health and Safety Inspections and Section 9.5 Right of Entry in Rights and Responsibilities.