Leader-Scholar Communities

Fast Facts About the LSCs

  1. Two topics are offered: Media and Politics and Sustainability.
  2. LSCs are no more than 20 students per community in order to maintain the intimate nature of the program.
  3. LSC participants will be housed with peers that have similar academic and/or personal interests.
  4. LSC participants will have a Community Advisor that is specially selected to do programming in line with the theme of the LSC.
  5. LSC participants are required to be enrolled in a 2 credit, letter graded practicum course taught by a graduate Faculty Advisor. 
  6. LSC practicum courses will feature readings, assignments and homework with guest lectures and discussions from top Brandeis faculty in a small group setting. 

Redefining Residential Living

This unique program offers exceptional first-year students the opportunity to apply to live on the same floor with other students who share similar academic interests. 

Students who participate in the program will receive 2 credit hours each semester for their enrollment and participation in the practicum course specifically designed for your community. Students will also have the opportunity to collaborate and attend special programming led by teaching fellows and selected faculty. Instructors and faculty involved in this program lend their expertise in the subject area and their willingness to assist first-year students with the transition to college.

Students will also be assisted and guided by a Community Advisor, who is an upper year student who has demonstrated strong academic accomplishments related to the community topic. 

In the first semester, students will have the chance to meet faculty from many different departments and schools related to the topic. Continuing in the second semester, students will also be given the opportunity to expand upon what you have learned through project-based learning.

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