Spring 2020 Storage Updates

Students who will not be returning to campus in Fall 2020 will not have their belongings delivered to their rooms and will be sent an invoice by Storage Squad around September for extended storage.

Important Updates

Brandeis University has partnered with Storage Squad to pick up orders from all students living on-campus (all residence halls including: Foster Mods, & Charles River Apts) once the buildings are vacated.

Department of Community Living staff will allow Storage Squad access to on-campus housing after students leave to pick up your items. Note: Storage Squad is the ONLY storage company allowed to provide this service at Brandeis University! 

Pricing for their services can be found here: https://www.storagesquad.com/student-pricing/

If you have signed up with another company, please cancel those appointments and sign up with Storage Squad.

Please follow the instructions below to sign up for storage services:

  1. Sign up for an appointment at https://account.storagesquad.com/login. Select April 2 as your pickup date but understand this is simply a place holder. The University will work with Storage Squad to determine exact pickup dates once you have left campus.
  2. If you need packing supplies, they are available for pickup Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm at the DCL office at G032 Usdan Student Center.
  3. Pack and label your items as usual.
  4. Make sure all non-box items have a Storage Squad label. Make sure your name, phone number, school, and item number are listed on every item (please write them directly on your boxes).
  5. Group your items together so it is clear which items are to be picked up.

If you have any items to be shipped (rather than redelivered locally to Brandeis), please number those items separately and write shipping on the labels. Group all shipping items separate from your storage items.

  1. Leave your items in your room and lock the door when leaving. University officials will unlock doors so we can pick your items up at a later date.