Student Involvement Prizes and Awards

  • Stephanie Grimes at podium in front of filled auditorium

    Assistant Dean of Students Stephanie Grimes served as 2018 master of ceremonies.

  • Jamele Adams speaking at podium

    Dean of Students Jamele Adams reads an awards citation for Elias Rosenfeld ’20.

  • Award winner accepting prize at podium

    Marissa Lazaroff ’18 accepts an award.

Each year, students who have made outstanding contributions to the Brandeis community are selected to receive prizes and awards in recognition of their campus involvement. They are honored publicly at a reception in late spring and are listed in the Commencement program.

We invited faculty and staff to nominate students whose involvement have demonstrated their commitment to our community. The Selection Committee is seeking recommendations for students who have shown exemplary participation in the contemporary life of the university, and who have demonstrated scholarship and leadership that reflect the Core Values of the Dean of Students Office:

While the committee pays special attention to graduating seniors, several prizes will go to other undergraduate and graduate students. 

 Some of the prizes awarded are described below.

Award Name


Michael Kalafatas ’65 Admissions Prize To an outstanding Brandeis senior who has greatly contributed to the admissions process throughout their time at the university. Recipient of the prize should be identified by the Office of Admissions.

Robert B. Sherman ’67 Memorial Prize

Student must have demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing social diversity and cooperation, to promoting social welfare through political thought and activism, and to helping people achieve their rights.

Herman and Bessie Blum Memorial Award

To a junior/s who contribute to the well-being of their fellow students through kindness and consideration.

Joseph and Ida Burtman Award

To a student who displays scholarship and general leadership.

Bruce R. Mayper Memorial Award

To two students for general activities promoting interracial amity or for individual work in the field of interracial relations.

Maurice L. Shaer Memorial Prize

To deserving freshmen, sophomores and/or juniors who are receiving financial aid at Brandeis. One freshman, one sophomore and one junior.

Jacob and Bella Thurman Award for Social Citizenship

To student or students who have demonstrated the highest type of social citizenship.

Textile Veterans Association Honor Award

To a graduating senior who has evidenced outstanding extracurricular activities leadership.

Edwin E. Hokin Memorial Prize

To a student who demonstrates ideals of community service and good citizenship.

Richard Kaufman ’58 Memorial Prize for Leadership and Academic Excellence

Student(s) who demonstrates leadership in campus activities and who, through academic achievement, exemplifies the well-rounded student who is likely to have a lifelong interest in their fellow man.

Harry S. Levitan Prize

To a student who displays kindliness, sympathetic understanding, and high moral character (academic grades not to be considered, although students must meet acceptable academic standards).

Kukin Moskowitz Prize for Excellence

Prize for graduating senior for academic achievement, character, and leadership w/ commitment to excellence.

Brandeis National Committee Presidential Scholarship Award

The Brandeis National Committee selects a junior who demonstrates leadership in campus activities and who through academic achievement, exemplifies the well-rounded student, a library work student, if possible.

Linda Heller Kamm ’61 Prize

Chosen by students — a student who has demonstrated leadership in the advocacy of social justice.

David A. Alexander ’79 Memorial Award for Social Consciousness and Activism

Chose by students — a student who is a leader in social consciousness and activism.

Student Involvement Award

Given to a student or students who has contributed significantly to student life on campus.