"Each picture, each piece of music presents us with the organ we need in order to receive it, 'gives' us the eye and the ear we need in order to see it and hear it."
- Maurice Blanchot, "Reading," The Gaze of Orpheus

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Podcast: On the Secret Lives of Literary Genres, Markets, and Money

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Mary Poovey is the Samuel Rudin University Professor in the Humanities and Professor of English at New York University.  She has published five books on various aspects of literature and culture in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain, as well as numerous articles on topics ranging from feminist theory to the history of debt.  With Kevin R. Brine, she is currently co-authoring a history of financial modeling in the United States.  The book--A Modern Way of Knowing: Studies in the History of Financial Modeling--will be published by the University of Chicago Press.