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"The experience of a work of art is, as everyone seems willing to grant without pondering the implications, unique and untranslatable; to suggest that one has captured it in an analysis is, therefore, to falsify and mislead. The best criticism can hope to do is to set the work in as many illuminating contexts as possible."
– Leslie Fiedler, Love and Death in the American Novel

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Carrie J. Preston

Podcast: Ezra Pound, Noh Theater, and Submission

Boston University Faculty Page

Carrie J. Preston is an Assistant Professor of English and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Boston University. Hoping to understand how early twentieth-century drama and dance were influenced by the ancient Japanese noh theater, she studied noh performance technique with a professional actor in the Kanze school. This experience is detailed in her forthcoming book, Learning to Kneel: Noh, Modernism, and the Pedagogies of Transnational Performance

She has written about modern dance, silent film, and poetic recitation in her book, Modernism’s Mythic Pose: Gender, Genre, Solo Performance (Oxford UP, 2011). Her essays have appeared in Modernism/ModernityTheatre Journal, Twentieth-Century Literature, and On Stage Alone: Soloists and the Formation of the Modern Dance Canon.

Article about Professor Preston in Bostonia (with video)

Carrie J. Preston  Carrie J. Preston close-up