Armed Subject

BENS Alert: Armed subject on campus. Take shelter; lock doors, windows; silence cell phone and remain quiet. Don't let anyone in room until area cleared by authorities. - Posted 11/20/17, 11:54 PM EST

Miscellany from the Material World of Books

“For if words are not THINGS, they are LIVING POWERS, by which the things of most importance to mankind are actuated, combined, and humanized.”
– Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Aids to Reflection

Bookshelf Porn

The Joy of Books

The World's Largest Book


Organizing the Bookcase

Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi (nsfw)

Su Blackwell

Laura Tanner

Laura Tanner

Podcast: Virtual Reality in 9/11 Fiction

Boston College Faculty Page

Laura Tanner, Professor of English at Boston College, writes on American literature of the last century, including modern and contemporary fiction. Her publications include Lost Bodies: Inhabiting the Borders of Life and Death (Cornell UP, 2006) and Intimate Violence: Reading Rape and Torture in Twentieth-Century Fiction (Indiana UP, 1994), as well as numerous articles in journals including American Literature, American Literary History, PMLA and Genre. She is particularly interested in literary depictions of the human body and the relationship between literature and issues of social change. At Boston College, she serves as Director of the PhD Program in English and teaches courses on Bodies and Borders, Twentieth-Century American Fiction, Contemporary Women Writers, Literature and Social Change, and the American Dream. She lives in the suburbs of Boston with her husband (who is also an English professor), her two sons, and an aged English Setter. Her favorite novels include To the LighthouseAs I Lay Dying, White Noise and Housekeeping.

Links to the 9/11 images under discussion:

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