Selected Theses


  • Emily Wishingrad, "Seeing the vampire in the cinematic mirror: an examination of three early 20th century film adaptations of Stoker's 'Dracula'" (2016)
  • Miriam Sokolow, "'Wherefore Base?': Outsider Characters and the Nature of Evil in Shakespeare" (2015)
  • William Lodge, "Character and identity formation" (2013)
  • Vivian Pham, "The elusive self in monstrous time Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godotand Krapp's Last tape" (2013)
  • Emily Kraus, "Beyond 'a little brief authority': the law and those who wield it in Shakepeare's Merchant of Venice and Measure for Measure" (2012)

Creative Writing

  • Gwenyth Fraser, The church of the final goodbye (story collection, 2016)
  • Sarah Duffet, Hidden letters: stories (story collection, 2016
  • Sam Yoo, Set yourself on fire (story collection, 2016)
  • Elaine Mancini, The work of a worshipper (poetry collection, 2016)
  • Nikk Wasserman, Starfoot (poetry collection, 2015)
  • Sage Hahn, Things Only Girls See (story collection, 2015)
  • Taylor Baker, How Many Do This (poetry collection, 2014)
  • Mara Sassoon, Mayfair (novella, 2014)
  • Syeda Lee, Tales of Violent Sunshine (poetry collection, 2014)