Teaching-Affiliated Faculty


Elliott, Katrina

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Epstein, Peter

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Philosophy of Mind Epistemology Philosophy of Science

Flesch, William

Professor of English

Expertise: Poetry, including poetic form, Renaissance. Romanticism. Theory. Literature and Philosophy. Film, Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Studies, Shakespeare, psychology of literature, Evolutionary psychology.

Greenberg, Robert

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Expertise: Metaphysics. Ethical Theory. History of philosophy. Kant

Hirsch, Eli

Charles Goldman Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Metaphysics. Epistemology. Medical ethics.

Johnson, William

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Kokot, Jordan

Lecturer in Philosophy

Malamud, Sophia Alexandra

Associate Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Computer Science

Expertise: Linguistics, semantics, pragmatics, bilingualism, heritage linguistics, philosophy of language, mathematical linguistics, game and decision theory, language acquisition; corpus linguistics; structure of Russian

Moran, Kate A.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Immanuel Kant, ethics, political philosophy, history of philosophy

Samet, Jerry

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Philosophy of mind. Philosophy of psychology and cognitive science. History of philosophy.

Sethi, Umrao

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Philosophy of Mind (in particular, Philosophy of Perception) Metaphysics Early Modern Philosophy

Sheppard, Eugene R

Associate Professor of Modern Jewish History and Thought

Expertise: Modern European Jewish intellectual history, history of Jewish nationalism and zionism, modern European intellectual history and the history of continental philosophy. A special interest in modern German Jewish thought, history of legal thought, and the impact of European Jewish refugees on the American, European, and Israeli public sphere as well as the academy.

Smiley, Marion

J. P. Morgan Chase Professor of Ethics

Expertise: Moral, social, and political philosophy; ethics and public affairs; gender theory and feminist philosophy

Svirsky, Larisa

Lecturer in Philosophy

Tal, Eyal

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Epistemology; Ethics

Yourgrau, Palle

Harry A. Wolfson Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Philosophy of language (focus on Frege, Russell, and Kripke). Philosophy of mathematics (focus on Frege and Gödel). Philosophy of space and time (focus on Gödel and Einstein). Metaphysics of death. Simone Weil. Plato. Aristotle.