Joshua A. Guberman Teaching Fellow and Lecturer in the Legal Studies Program


J.D., Northeastern University

Field of Specialty

Legal Philosophy, Legal Studies, Privacy, Civil Liberties, Criminal Law, Appellate Law, Supreme Court, Hate Crime

Contact Information


Sharon Fray-Witzer

I’ve practiced as an appellate criminal defense lawyer for over 25 years. Some day, I may get it right. I’ve filed petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court, and I argue on behalf of murder defendants, to other federal and state courts, including the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Occasionally, I write amicus briefs.

But I really love philosophy and teaching. For over a decade, I’ve taught legal philosophy, jurisprudence, civil liberties, and criminal law -- at Harvard Summer School, at Northeastern University, and at Brandeis University -- for the philosophy department, and as a Guberman Fellow in Legal Studies.

Years ago, I was an Assistant District Attorney in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in Boston and (before that) an Assistant Attorney General at the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office.

Before law school, I was a legislative aide to U.S. House of Representatives Member Leon Panetta, who went on to become Secretary of Defense. I even designed a national health care bill.

I am most generally interested in how we can secure a Rule of Law. I also like thinking about theories of punishment, but I wonder if any are valid. And I love privacy, but I also love my Apple watch. Sigh.

Courses Taught

PHIL 125b Philosophy of Law