Harry A. Wolfson Professor of Philosophy


Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Field of Specialty

Philosophy of language (focus on Frege, Russell, and Kripke). Philosophy of mathematics (focus on Frege and Gödel). Philosophy of space and time (focus on Gödel and Einstein). Metaphysics of death. Simone Weil. Plato. Aristotle.

Contact Information

Rabb Graduate Center 332

Palle Yourgrau

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Research and publications range from the metaphysics of birth and death to epistemology, philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of language (with special reference to Gottlob Frege), the philosophy of space and time (with special reference to Kurt Gödel and Albert Einstein), and Plato and Aristotle. Simone Weil is also a major focus of my research.


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Courses Taught

PHIL 131b The Metaphysics of Death
PHIL 132a Infinity
PHIL 138b Philosophy of Mathematics
PHIL 145b Topics in the Philosophy of Language
PHIL 146a Idea of God
PHIL 161a Plato
PHIL 162b Aristotle
PHIL 237a Proper Names: Semantics, Epistemology, Metaphysics