Assistant Professor of Philosophy


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Field of Specialty

Philosophy of Mind (in particular, Philosophy of Perception)
Early Modern Philosophy

Contact Information

Mandel Center for the Humanities 112

Umrao Sethi

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. Prior to starting at Brandeis in August 2019, I was an assistant professor at Lehman College, CUNY. I received my PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. I work primarily in the philosophy of mind, metaphysics and early modern philosophy. I am particularly interested in the metaphysics of perceptual experience and the nature of sensible qualities.


Sethi, Umrao. "Conscious Experience: A Logical Inquiry (Book Review)." Rev. of Conscious Experience: A Logical Inquiry, by Anil Gupta. Philosophical Review vol. 130 2021 (forthcoming)

Sethi, Umrao. "Diaphaneity and the Ways Things Appear." Essays on Markus Gabriel’s New Realism (tentative title). Ed. Otavio Bueno & Jan Voshoolz. Springer, 2021 (forthcoming)

Sethi, Umrao. "Mind-Dependence in Berkeley and the Problem of Perception." Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2021). (forthcoming)

Sethi, Umrao. "The Varieties of Instantiation." Journal of the American Philosophical Association (2021). (forthcoming)

Smith, E.E., Myers, N., Sethi, U., Pantazatos, S., Yanagihara, T., Hirsch, J.. "Conceptual Representations of Perceptual Knowledge." Cognitive Neuropsychology 29. 3 (2012): 237-248. (forthcoming)

Sethi, Umrao. "Sensible Over-Determination." Philosophical Quarterly 70. 280 (2020): 588-616.

Courses Taught

PHIL 131a Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 134b Philosophy of Perception
PHIL 150b Topics in Epistemology and Metaphysics
PHIL 170a Special Topics in History of Philosophy
PHIL 200a Graduate Proseminar
PHIL 231a Graduate Seminar in the Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science