Professor of English


Ph.D., Cornell University

Field of Specialty

Poetry, including poetic form, Renaissance. Romanticism. Theory. Literature and Philosophy. Film, Behavioral Economics, Cognitive Studies, Shakespeare, psychology of literature, Evolutionary psychology.

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Rabb Graduate Center 139

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William Flesch

I work on the nature of literary experience, from Homer through present day movies, and on what an accurate description of literary experience can offer evolutionary psychologists and cognitive theorists.


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Courses Taught

ECS/ENG 110a Thinking about Infinity
ENG 11a Close Reading: Theory and Practice
ENG 21a Young Adult Literature
ENG 33a Shakespeare
ENG 61b Philosophical Approaches to Film Theory
ENG 89a English and Creative Writing Internship
ENG 104a Eighteenth-Century British Poetry, from Dryden to Blake
ENG 120a Thirties Movies
ENG 125a Romanticism I: Blake, Wordsworth, and Coleridge
ENG 133a Advanced Shakespeare
ENG 133b Imagining Money: Literature and Economics from Barter to Bitcoin
ENG 147a Film Noir
ENG 173a Spenser and Milton
ENG 180a The Modern American Short Story
PHIL 182a Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations