Seminar Series

Physics Department Colloquium  The colloquium is held on Tuesdays, 4 pm, Abelson 131

String Theory Seminar  Hosted by the High-Energy and Gravitational Theory Group. Seminars are held on Tuesdays, 11 am, Abelson 307

MRSEC Seminars  A National Science Foundation sponsored Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. Seminars are held generally on Thursdays, 4 pm, Abelson 229

Eisenbud Lectures in Mathematics and Physics  An annual series of lectures in Mathematics and Physics, jointly hosted by Profs. Bong Lian and Albion Lawrence

Berko Symposium  An annual student research symposium held each spring in memory of Professor Stephan Berko, hosted by Professor John Wardle. 

Dark Universe Seminars  Sponsored by the Dark Energy/Dark Matter group, jointly hosted by Profs. Marcelle Soares-Santos and Bjoern Penning. Seminars are held on Thursdays, 4 pm, Abelson 333.

IGERT Seminars  Sponsored by the joint Math/Physics/Economics/Neuroscience IGERT grant. (This grant has expired and seminars are no longer being held.)