Department of Economics

Recent Economics Department Senior Honors Theses


Chris DeMena
Disasters, Duration, and Migration: A Case Study on Centralia and Three Mile Island
Lawrence Ding
Bereavement, Resiliency, and Craftsmanship: An Empirical Analysis of Violin Prices
Chaoran Gou
How Do Clicks Lead to More Revenue? A Study on the Contribution of Website Traffic to Social Media Company Revenue
Jacob Judd

Fissured Employment and Economic Theory

Michael Kroker
How Variations in Curriculum Implementation Impact Student Achievement: An Empirical Study on State Mathematics Assessment Data
Aseem Kumar
An Empirical Analysis of the US-China Technological Rivalry in Defense Research
Benjamin Shaiman
Uncertainty in Equity-Premium Prediction and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns
Lixi Wang
Strategies in Lowest Unique Bid Auctions
Tian Zhang
Existence and Characteristics of the November Effect in the U.S. Stock Market Since 2001


Roza Muluken Azene

“The Impact of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) market on Ethiopian Rural Households”

Isidora Filipovic

“The Effects of the 2006 Massachusetts HealthCare Reform on Unplanned Pregnancy”

Yanru Fu

“The Inflow of Foreign Investment: How Does it Affect U.S. Real Estate Markets?”

Alex Lipnick

“Abnormal Returns and the Efficient Market Hypothesis in Technology Acquisitions”

Gangyu Ni

Oligopolistic Reactions in M&A

David Ritzwoller

“Adaptation in Expectations of Future Returns to the Stock Market”

Dan Shpilsky

Heals on Wheels: The Link between Transportation Infrastructure and Healthcare Outcomes in Urban Centers

Yue Zhu

“Transport Infrastructure Investment in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and economic growth”