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Undergraduate ELP Semester Class

ESL 1a: Critical Reading and Analytical Writing

This class will prepare you for the critical reading and analytical writing in English that will be expected of you as a Brandeis student. Students will read short fiction, non-fiction, as well as various academic texts.  You will learn how to summarize a text effectively, recognize the elements of good academic writing, evaluate evidence and analysis in expository texts, and construct a convincing argument of your own. You will also learn the basics of research. In the process, you will increase your academic vocabulary, learn effective writing strategies and reach a greater understanding of American cultural values and controversies.


ESL 2a: Oral Communications

This class will focus on strategies for improving all aspects of speaking in an academic setting, including effective classroom interactions, giving presentations, and leading discussions. Class participation is an important part of the Brandeis experience, and you should be prepared to contribute ideas and opinions, as well as ask effective questions in class. Emphasis is on functional language used in typical university settings and cultural issues relevant to student life in the U.S. Class instruction is highly interactive with frequent opportunity for student input. In addition, you will receive training to improve your pronunciation and develop your vocabulary. Out-of-class assignments will be given to accelerate adaptation to Brandeis and to increase time spent speaking and thinking in English.