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Spring Term FAQs

1. English Language Semester Class

2. Campus Questions

3. Arrival Information

English Language Semester Class

Why must I take the English Language Semester Class?

While you and your cohort were selected for admission to Brandeis based on your strong academic and personal achievements, it was determined that you would benefit from additional English preparation in addition to your other undergraduate coursework. The Committee on Admissions is confident that upon completion of the English Language Semester Class you will be poised for academic success at Brandeis.

What are the dates of the course?

It is part of the regular academic semester: beginning on January 13 and concluding on April 29.

Is the English Language Semester Class mandatory?

Yes: not only will it strengthen your English skills, it will also help prepare you for all aspects of Brandeis academic life.  You will have an invaluable start on your Brandeis career. 

What are the course’s components?

Students participate in an intensive English language program focusing on Analytical Writing, Critical Reading, Speaking and Listening through studying current events, literature, history, politics, and American culture.

Instead of taking the English Language Semester Class, can I take English courses somewhere else?

There is no need for you to take courses elsewhere. We have designed this program specifically for you to ensure your academic success at Brandeis. 

Will I earn undergraduate credit for the course?

English language classes at the undergraduate level are non credit bearing. Grades earned in these classes are noted on your transcript but will not  apply towards your degree.

Is there an additional cost for the English Language Semester Class?

No: it is included in your regular Brandeis tuition.

If I take the TOEFL again and receive a higher score, do I still need to enroll in the course?

Yes, you must participate in the English Language Semester Class regardless of future standardized test scores. You were chosen for the course based on English proficiency demonstrated in various elements of your application. We believe that you will benefit from additional English training as you begin your undergraduate career. 

Campus Questions

Will I be considered a full-time Brandeis student?

Yes, you have been admitted to the Brandeis University and therefore you are a Brandeis undergraduate student. 

Will I live with other Spring admits?

Yes, you will be housed with other midyear students.

May I study abroad?

Spring admits have the same academic opportunities as other Brandeis undergraduates, including the option to study abroad.

Can I join clubs, sports teams and other extracurricular organizations during my first term at Brandeis?

Yes: you may fully participate in clubs, sports and any other campus activities.