Spring 2019 Graduate Courses

200-Level Courses

Note: 200-level classes are for graduate students only. All 200-level and 350a require the signature of a department representative for enrollment.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time
ENG 221a Text, Translation, Ethics Emilie Diouf Th 2-4:50
ENG 248b Social Justice & Digital Humanities Methods & Applications Dorothy Kim T 2-4:50
ENG 261a Classroom Pedagogy & the 'New Mainstream': Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Josh Lederman MW 5-6:20
ENG 350a Proseminar Ulka Anjaria Alternating Wednesdays 3:30-4:50

100-Level Courses

Note: 100-level classes are open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Course Number Course Title Instructor Time
ENG 110b Great American Picture Book Jerome Tharaud TF 12:30-1:50
COML 117a Magical Realism and Modern Myth David Sherman MWTh 12-12:50
ENG 125a Romanticism I: Blake, Wordsworth, and Coleridge William Flesch MW 2-3:20
ENG 133b Imagining Money: Literature & Economics from Barter to Bitcoin William Flesch MWTh 10-10:50
AAAS 133b The Literature of the Caribbean Faith Smith TF 12:30-1:50
COM/ENG 141b Literature and Time Laura Quinney TF 9:30-10:50
COML/ENG 149a  Dante's Hell and its Legacy Laura Quinney TTh 2-3:20
ENG 152a Indian Love Stories Ulka Anjaria MWTh 1-1:50
ENG 153a Enlightenment of the Flesh Thomas King TTh 3:30-4:50
ENG 177a Hitchcock's Movies Paul Morrison MWTh 11-11:50; screening Mondays 6:30-8:50
ENG 180a The Modern American Short Story Caren Irr TF 11-12:20
ENG 181a Making Sex, Performing Gender Thomas King TF 11-12:20
ENG 183b Gods and Humans in the Renaissance Ramie Targoff, Jonathan Unglaub TF 12:30-1:50