Dominick Knowles

Dominick KnowlesPhD – ABD
BA in English, Ursinus College, 2015

pronouns: they / them / theirs & he / him / his

Primary Advisor

Professor Caren Irr

Research Interests

20th-century US Literature, Post-45 US Poetry, Hemispheric American Studies, Latin American & Caribbean Poetry, Black & Indigenous Studies, Working-Class Literatures, Labor History, Marxist & Decolonial Theory. 


“Economies of Dissent: Ferlinghetti, Baraka, & Beat Poetry after the Cuban Revolution.” Mediations: Journal of the Marxist Literary Group (forthcoming 2022). 

“Stanzas for Four Hands: An Ophanim," Co-authored with Mathilda Cullen, Woe Eroa, (2021).

“Jupiter against the Lightning-Rod: Literary Form in the Grundrisse," Understanding Marx, Understanding ModernismEdited by Mark Steven, Bloomsbury Academic, 2021.

 “Making Nothing Happen: the Unfinished Insurrectionism of Mathilda Cullen’s Trace Happenings," Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Glass Poetry Press, Nov. 2020.

"A Spectre in Every Street: George Oppen & the Poetics of Communism" - Viewpoint Magazine 8.15.18 

 "Somethin' Slick Goin' On: The Proletarian Funk of Johnny 'Guitar' Watson" - Viewpoint Magazine 9.25.2017 

Favorite Works

Walter Lowenfels, "Message from Bert Brecht"
Cecilia Vicuña, Saborami 
Walter Benjamin, "The Author as Producer" 

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"Rootedness, displacement, and annihilation constitute Winthropos’s 'aura,' a word Kalogeris deploys carefully in 'Pepónia.' 'Certain words,' he explains in the Recall This Book interview, 'have a talismanic power.' Despite its investment in alienating speech from speaker, Winthropos maintains a faith in the power of poetic language, even when it cannot be spoken." -Dominick Knowles in "Roots and Ruins: On George Kalogeris's Winthropos," a response to Recall This Book  episode 74, "George Kalogeris on Words and Places."