Exploring Ethics

The undergraduates of the Ethics Center Leadership Council (ECLC) shared their thoughts and views on topics and events related to the Center's work in the blog "Exploring Ethics."

Posts include:

  • "Social Justice & Social Networking"
  • "International Justice 101"
  • "Tunisia and Egypt: The Parallels of Human Rights and Democracy"
  • "Getting to Know the Ethics Center"
  • "Female judges, lawyers and rights – oh my! Chipping away at the glass ceiling in international politics"

Read and comment here: http://blogs.brandeis.edu/eclc/

Ethics Center Leadership Council

A "Social Justice Street Team"

The Ethics Center Leadership Council (ECLC) was composed of three undergraduate students per semester who worked together and independently to build engagement with and awareness of the Center’s resources; reached out to students, faculty and staff at Brandeis and to people at other schools and organizations; and promoted and enhanced interactive conversations about topics concerning social justice on campus through various means. The primary focus of the ECLC was outreach and communications.

ECLC Fall 2014

The ECLC was piloted in the spring 2011 semester and concluded in spring 2015. Read about the inaugural ECLC members here, the fall 2011/spring 2012 ECLC members herethe fall 2012 ECLC members herethe spring 2013 ECLC members here, the fall 2013 ECLC members here, the spring 2014 ECLC members here, the fall 2014 ECLC members here, and the spring 2015 members here.


Contact the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life
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