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Read details of courses offered in fall 2013.

Spring 2014 Courses

Supported by the Ethics Center

EL 94a  – Immigrant Support Services Practicum (ISSP)
Instructor: Marci McPhee, Associate Director, International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life
Time: Thursdays, 1 PM - 1:50 PM

This is a 2-credit course that may be taken in conjunction with a base course, which changes each semester. This supplemental practicum is designed to provide students with hands-on experience with community work and applying some of the frameworks and analysis methods they are learning about in the base course. The practicum is also intended to provide students with an opportunity to realize a social justice aim by collaborating with an organization that is addressing needs of immigrants, and other social justice/social policy issues of interest to the student.

Students spend 3 hours a week in the community working with an organization that supports immigrants in some way, and 1 hour a week in class reflecting upon the experience and integrating it with the learning in the base course.

Advocacy for Policy Change

LGLS 161b – Advocacy for Policy Change
Instructor: Melissa Stimell
Time: Tuesdays and Fridays, 11:00 AM to 12:20 PM

This is an experiential learning course. This hands-on course invites students to address concrete social problems through public policy reform. It provides background in theories, advocacy skills, networks, and key players that drive the legislative process. Focusing on policy change at the statehouse level, students engage with elected officials and community organizations to advance key legislation affecting social welfare, health, education, and economic justice. Usually offered every year.

There are no prerequisites. This course is open to all undergraduates, but requires a registration code. Interested students should email the Legal Studies Program administrator at for the registration code before early registration.

Priority is given to juniors and seniors and those students majoring or minoring in Politics, Legal Studies and Social Justice and Social Policy. This course can satisfy the internship requirement for Legal Studies, HSSP, and SJSP. Students can contact Professor Stimell with additional questions at

Read "Advocacy for Policy Change" – the anthology from the Fall 2013 session [PDF]

Way Out of No Way

PAX 92a4 (internship)/PAX97a1 (independent study) - Cultural Work & Social Transformation
Instructor: Dr. Cynthia Cohen
Time: TBD based on schedules of those who enroll

TThis independent study or internship opportunity invites students to join Dr. Cohen and Jane Wilburn Sapp on a major project documenting Sapp's 40 years of experience working in communities struggling for social justice. The project, entitled A Way Out of No Way: Jane Sapp, Cultural Work, and Social Transformation, aims to produce a book, multimedia disk, songbook, and related presentations/performances. Students can join the project as interviewers, transcribers, archivists, researchers, writers, and event producers. They can volunteer, or sign up for credit as an internship or independent study. To register, please download the appropriate form from the registrar's office and bring it to Dr. Cohen's office (Abraham Shapiro Academic Complex Room 321) for her signature. View the flyer [pdf].

More info: visit or come to an organizational meeting, Wednesday, January 15th, 6 - 8 p.m. ASAC 302.

There are no prerequisites. This course is open to all students.