Black Lives Matter

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Clockwise from top L: Angela Glover Blackwell, Jeffrey Brown, Beverly Tatum, Carina Ray

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The Ethics Center manages two programs on behalf of the Office of the President: the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize and the Richman Distinguished Fellowship in Public Life. These two programs have brought to campus a number of high-profile scholars and public figures who are engaged on issues of racial equity and social justice.

In response to events in the United States, and in the spirit of supporting the efforts of the Black Lives Matter movement, our weekly e-newsletter, Ethics Central Weekly, featured throughout fall 2020 a selection of video clips (see below) from the keynote presentations and interviews that took place during the residencies of recent Gittler Prize recipients and Richman Fellows. Each offered significant reflections on racial and societal challenges that are now more critical than ever for our nation to confront.

On Feb. 17, 2021, the Office of the President; the Office Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and the Ethics Center convened a panel featuring three of these Gittler and Richman awardees: Angela Glover Blackwell, Jeffrey L. Brown and Beverly Daniel Tatum. The event was called "Black Lives Matter Under a New Presidency: What Lies Ahead?" and explored questions such as, What might we expect in the near future as we transition from a Trump to Biden administration? How might we, as a society, avoid returning to the status quo on questions of racial inequity and social justice? Might the racial and ethnic health disparities made so visible by the pandemic trigger a rethinking of public policy and programs? What can we, as individuals, do to support the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement in order to bring about lasting and meaningful change?

The event was introduced by President Ron Liebowitz and moderated by Carina Ray (AAAS).

Gittler Prize and Richman Fellowship Video Clips

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Angela Glover Blackwell (Richman), from "All-In for an America That Works for All," March 25, 2014

two women talking at a table

Angela Glover Blackwell (Richman), from "Lifting Up What Works," a conversation with Dolores Acevedo-Garcia and Thomas Shapiro, Heller School, March 24, 2014

man talking at podium

Jeffrey L. Brown (Richman), from "The Courage To Listen: Why It's More Critical Now Than Ever," March 22, 2017

two men talking at a table

Jeffrey L. Brown (Richman), from a conversation with Jon Chilingerian, Heller School, March 21, 2017

woman at podium

Patricia Hill Collins (Gittler), from "With My Mind Set on Freedom: Black Feminism, Intersectionality and Social Justice," October 29, 2013

two women talking at a table

Patricia Hill Collins (Gittler), from "The First, One of the First, or the Only: An Intellectual Activist's Journey," a conversation with Laurie A. Nsiah-Jefferson, Heller School, October 28, 2013

woman at podium

Kimberlé Crenshaw (Gittler), from "Race, Reform, Retrenchment Redux: Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality Beyond Post Racialism," October 25, 2017

woman and man talking at table

Kimberlé Crenshaw (Gittler), from "Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality and Social Resistance," a conversation with Rajesh Sampath, Heller School, October 23, 2017

woman at podium

Vanita Gupta (Richman), from “Hope Is a Discipline: Fighting for Justice in Perilous Times,” March 6, 2018

two women talking at a table

Vanita Gupta (Richman), from a conversation with Susan Eaton, Heller School, March 7, 2018

woman at podium

Anna Deavere Smith (Richman), from ”Snapshots: Portraits of a World in Transition,“ March 21, 2019

three people talking at a table

Anna Deavere Smith (Richman), from a conversation with Germaine Ingram, performance artist, and Tom King, English, March 21, 2019

woman at podium

Beverly Daniel Tatum (Gittler), from "Closing the Empathy Gap: Community Building through Dialogue," October 3, 2018

man and woman talking at table

Beverly Daniel Tatum (Gittler), from a conversation with Derron Wallace, Education and Sociology, October 3, 2018

For the full videos, visit the Gittler Prize and Richman Fellowship websites.