ENACT Labor Network

The ENACT Labor Network, piloted during the 2109-20 academic year, was a corps of students and faculty at ENACT schools who focused year-round on issues related to labor and worker rights.

In this program, students, under the guidance of a faculty fellow, worked in conjunction with legislators, advocacy groups and state-level research organizations to help pass meaningful labor-related legislation in their home state. They also interacted with policy experts representing different perspectives on their chosen legislative projects.

During the inaugural year of the program, four faculty fellows and nine students from four ENACT schools — in Arkansas, Connecticut, Maine and Massachusetts — took on such issues as wage theft, rural health care worker shortages, "sick" buildings and inequitable workweek policies.

The 2019-20 ENACT Labor Network pilot initiative was supported by the Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice

Labor Network Staff

Labor Network Faculty Fellows