Co-sponsorship Guidelines

Co-sponsorship by the Ethics Center may include publicizing to the Ethics Center community and/or providing financial support. Co-sponsorship amounts are typically up to $250. The center can occasionally provide more support for an event closely related to the core themes of the center's work. We particularly welcome requests for co-sponsorship of academic events, including guest speakers in class sessions that are open to the public.

  1. Events should be related to the core mission and themes of the Ethics Center.
  2. Programs that reflect the basic principles of the Ethics Center, i.e., links between scholarship and practice, connections between disciplines, the influence of the arts, etc., are particularly encouraged.
  3. We co-sponsor a broad range of events such as those with a rigorous scholarly emphasis, others with aesthetic content and those that invite the perspectives of activists or practitioners.
  4. The center strives to stimulate thinking and discussion. Every event co-sponsored by the center must be an open and safe space for people holding or expressing a range of viewpoints. We value events that present a variety of viewpoints. We also value events that present or advocate for a particular point of view when steps are taken to welcome questions, critical thinking and alternate perspectives.
  5. All co-sponsored events must be open to the entire Brandeis community. Off-­campus events will not be considered.
  6. Through co-sponsorship, we seek to support several different groups on campus rather than support multiple events from a single group.
  7. We do not co-sponsor fundraisers.
  8. It is important that the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life be listed as a co-sponsor on all publicity materials. Therefore, requests submitted after publicity has already gone out will not be considered. It is critical for the success of your event that you allow for adequate time for publicizing. Therefore, please allow for a minimum of three weeks between the time of your proposal submission and the date of the event.
  9. The event must be posted on the Brandeis calendar.
  10. After the event, sponsors must complete the postevent feedback form. This includes a brief summary of the event, whether the goals were achieved and what the sponsor would do differently to make it more successful. This form must be submitted before funds are transferred, except in rare circumstances.