Local Action/Global Impact

local action global impact flyer

February 7-11, 2005

A week exploring the interplay of local action and global change.

How can local service and action expand to stimulate broader change and help many more people?

In a world of limited resources, how do we decide between addressing individual needs and trying to transform lives of millions?

"It is clear that the entire Local/Global Forum was so much stronger because of the energy, ideas and participation of a number of student groups and departments. Even the very event itself is local action (happening at Brandeis) with a potential global impact. Who knows where the ripples from this might end, as members of the Brandeis community catch the vision of the power of one person?”

~Marci McPhee, forum organizer (Thanks to Desiree Koh, Justice)

Request a copy of the Local Action/Global Impact publication, produced as a result of this conference.