International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life

The Responsibility to Protect at 10: Program

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Greetings and Welcome - Daniel Terris (Brandeis University) and Mordechai Tamarkin (Tel Aviv University)

Introduction to the Approach of the Conference - Galia Golan (Hebrew University) and Daniel Terris (Brandeis University)

  1. R2P: Ethical Considerations - Moderator: Daniel Terris
    1. "Responsibility to Protect: Rationale and Challenges": Mordechai Kremnitzer (Israel Democracy Institute)
    2. "Responsibility to Protect: Morality, Politics, Law": Andreas Teuber (Brandeis University)
    3. "Responsibility to Protect: Unanswered Questions": Rosa Brooks (Georgetown University)


  1. New Actors and Vulnerable Populations - Moderator: Chandler Rosenberger (Brandeis University)
    • "Amplifying Voices, Assessing Compliance, Promoting Protection: Strengthening the Contribution of UN Human Rights Mechanisms to Atrocity Prevention and Response": Christen Broecker (Jacob Blaustein Institute)
    • "Responsibility to Protect Trumps Business as Usual: How Corporate Leaders Build Heroism to Face Atrocities": Alain Lempereur (Brandeis University)
    • "Gender and R2P, Drawing the Red Line": Timea Spitka (Hebrew University)
  2. The International Arena - Moderator: Steven Burg (Brandeis University)
    • "Liberalism, Westphalia or Power Politics: The Opportunities for and the Constraints on Humanitarian Intervention in the International System": Benny Miller (Haifa University)
    • "Leviathan vs. Behemoth: The Troubled Legitimacy of State Sovereignty": Uriel Abulof (Tel Aviv University)
    • "R2P, the United Nations, and Public Opinion": Gillian Sorensen (former UN Assistant Secretary-General)
  3. R2P in the Real World 1 - Moderator: Mordechai Tamarkin (Tel Aviv University)
    • "Kosovo and the Birth of R2P": Richard Goldstone (University of Virginia Law School)
    • "North Korea: Applying R2P in a Climate of Denial and Hostility": Jared Genser (Perseus Strategies)
    • "R2P and the International Community's Response to the Crisis in Syria": Adrienne Fricke (Physicians for Human Rights)

Monday, March 9, 2015

  1. Implementation of R2P: Practical Challenges - Moderator: Alain Lempereur (Brandeis University)
    • "R2P and the UN (In)Decision Making Process": Chen Kertcher (Haifa University)
    • "Early Warning: A New Tool for Protection": Benjamin Valentino (Dartmouth College)
    • "A Critical Perspective on Humanitarian Intervention": Rajan Menon (CUNY)
  2. R2P in the Real World 2 - Moderator: Ephraim Lavie (Tel Aviv University)
    • "R2P and The Central African Republic": Naomi Kikoler (Center for the Prevention of Genocide)
    • "America in Iraq: The price of opening Pandora's Box": Ofra Bengio (Tel Aviv University)
    • "R2P and Survivors of Sexual Violence: The Case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo": Karen Naimer (Physicians for Human Rights)


  1. Justice and Accountability Roundtable
    • Hans Corell (former UN Under-Secretary for Legal Affairs)
    • Richard Goldstone (University of Virginia Law School)
    • Mordechai Kremnitzer (Israel Democracy Institute)
    • John Shattuck (Central European University)
    • Moderator: Leigh Swigart (Brandeis University)
  2. The Future of R2P and Global Governance – A Plenary Conversation - Moderators: Galia Golan and Dan Terris

Closing Reception