Other Past Events

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Past Events

A sampling of previous major events initiated by the Center include:

Words of Survivors: Cambodian Genocide (12/7/20)

Your Healing is Killing Me – Virginia Grise (11/18/20)

Rights, Rules and Rhetoric: Exploring Language for and about Migrants in Australia, Europe and North America (11/17/20 – 11/18/20)

Voices of Comedy (11/14/20)

Bodymaps and Women’s Agency (11/12/20)

Catherine Filloux Works with ENG 170b (10/19/20)

Introduction to Creative Approaches to Transitional Justice (9/24/20)

Social Deis-tance DIY (9/11/20)

Catherine Filloux Works with CAST 150b (Fall 2020)

Present and Defend (4/28/20)

Young Political Leadership - An ENACT Forum (3/10/20)

Voting and Democracy in 2020 & Beyond (3/9/20)

Advocacy for Policy Change: Present and Defend (5/1/19)

ENACT Forum on Women's Political Engagement (4/8/19)

"The Trials of Richard Goldstone" (3/18/19)

Notes from the Field Screening (3/14/19)

Countering & Preventing Violent Extremism: A Panel Discussion on Counter-Extremism and Islamophobia (2/27/19)

Sampled: Beats of Muslim Life Featuring Su'ad Abdul Khabeer (2/7/19)

Refugees in the Land of Refugees: The Israeli Asylum Regime in a Comparative Context: A Talk by Tally Kritzman-Amir (11/7/18)

The War Crimes That Disappeared: A Talk by Jeanne Guillemin, PhD '73 (9/25/18)

Bringing Together Peacemakers, Cultural Artists, and Brandeis Students (9/4/18)

Impact Design Lab (8/31/18 – 9/3/18)

ENACT – Advocacy for Policy Change: Present and Defend (4/18/18)

ENACT Forum on Women’s Political Engagement (4/9/18)

Ethics Center 20th Anniversary (3/12/18)

Decolonizing Approaches to Arts-based Peacebuilding (3/6/18 – 3/12/18)

‘DEIS Impact: A Weeklong Festival of Social Justice (Feb 2012 - Feb 2018)

Documentary Film Screening of ‘Never Again: Forging a Convention for Crimes Against Humanity’ (10/4/17)

Advocacy for Policy Change: Present and Defend (5/1/17)

Cultural Spaces in the Rebuilding of Communities: Examples from Colombia, Syria and the United States (3/27/17)

From the Outside Looking In: Six Stories of Difference and Discovery: 2016 Sorensen Fellowship Presentation (12/8/16)

The Immigrant Experience. Our Experience. (12/7/16)

How Are We Talking about Immigration in the Election? (10/5/16)

Advocacy for Policy Change: Present and Defend (4/19/16)

Negotiating Meaning: Translating at a War Crimes Tribunal (2/9/16)

Pilgrim Father/Illegal Son: Story of Two Immigrants (11/18/15)

Ariele Cohen ’99 in Mini-Residency (10/22/15 - 10/23/15)

One Rock, Three Religions (9/3/15)

Advocacy for Policy Change: Present and Defend (4/28/15)

Homo Sapiens 2.0: Genetic Enhancement, Ethics, and the Future of Humanity featuring Jamie Metzl (3/10/15)

The Responsibility to Protect at 10: The Challenge of Protecting the World's Most Vulnerable Populations (3/8/15 - 3/9/15)

Soft Vengeance: Albie Sachs and the New South Africa (9/11/14)

Advocacy for Policy Change: Present and Defend (4/29/14)

Exploring Global Justice: Perspectives from Young Scholars and Practitioners (4/3/14)

Nicole De Silva with students
Nicole De Silva (center) with Nelly Schläfereit ’15 and Hannah Young ’15 (l-r) at “Exploring Global Justice: Perspectives from Young Scholars and Practitioners” speaker series.

Rule of Law and Development in Africa (3/27/14)

The International Criminal Court and the Politics of Justice in Africa (2/24/14)

On Knife's Edge: the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia's Impact on Civilian Violence (1/23/14)

Parallel Paths: Journeys, Explorations, and Reflections (12/10/13)

Immigrant Support Services Practicum Presentation: Learnings from a Semester in the Community (12/4/13)

Immigrants and Access to Higher Education: A Conversation with Dean Flagel and Brandeis Immigration Education Initiative (11/13/13)

Professors in the Courtroom (10/22/13)

The Turbulent Relationship between the International Criminal Court and National Jurisdictions: The Libya Tempest and the Kenya Mutiny (10/9/13)

International Justice Internships Symposium (10/7/13)

International Just Oct 2013
Brandeis students discuss their internship experiences at the international justice internships symposium

Bahrain/Brandeis: Ulafa'a Reconciliation Art Project Recasting Reconciliation through Culture and Arts (4/14/13 - 4/20/13)

Gideon at 50: The Future of the Right to Counsel (3/18/13)

The Rule of Law Comes Home: Can the UN Live Up to its Own High Standards? (3/11/13)

Brazil's Balancing Act: Reconciling the Demands of Economic Development, Environmental Protection and Indigenous Rights (3/5/13)

Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid Al-Hussein at Brandeis (1/30/13)

Tracing Roots: Uncovering Realities Beneath the Surface (12/13/12)

Exposures: Photography and the Politics of Looking (10/31/12)

Distinguished Visiting Practitioner Residency - National Cohesion in Insecure States: Experiences from Africa – Michel Kassa, Country Team Leader for the Initiative for a Cohesive Leadership in the Democratic Republic of Congo (10/15/12 – 10/19/12)

Expert Dialogue Facilitator in Residence at Brandeis: Farhat Agbaria (9/19/12 - 9/30/12)

Year Abroad, Queer Abroad (9/19/12)

Playback Theatre and Desert Roots: Journey of an Iranian Immigrant Family (9/7/12)

Social Justice and the University: Perspectives from the U.S. and Abroad (3/13/12)

Just Performance: Enacting Justice in the Wake of Violence (12/1/11 - 12/2/11)

Peacebuilding and the Arts Weekend Intensive: Community Cultural Development (10/21/11 - 10/23/11)

Distinguished Visiting Practitioner Residency - Village By Village, Barrio Por Barrio: Integrated Development in Nicaragua – Dr. Rosa Elena Bello, Founder and Director of Community Medical Services, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (9/19/11 – 9/22/11)

9/11: How It Has Changed Our Thinking (9/7/11)

SoJust Leadership Forum: Journeys in Social Justice, Beyond Brandeis (9/6/11)

Peacebuilding and the Arts Documentary Film Screening, Acting Together on the World Stage (4/12/11)

The Consequences of Blogging (4/4/11)

Peacebuilding and the Arts Weekend Intensive: Core Concepts and Principles (4/1/11 - 4/3/11)

Religion and the Quest to Contain Violence (3/14/11)

After War Crimes Can There be Justice? Screening of Documentary War Don Don (2/15/11)

Career Paths in International Justice and Human Rights (2/3/11)

Building Haiti Back More Justly: A Human Rights-Based Approach to Earthquake Response (12/2/10)

A Small Act Documentary Screening – Social Justice Leadership Series (11/17/10)

International Law in Russian Constitutional Justice: A Case Study of Capital Punishment – A talk by Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov (10/25/10)

Year Abroad, Queer Abroad (10/5/10)

Acting Together on the World Stage Film Launch (9/23/10)

Changing People in a Changing Climate? The Ethical Implications of Climate Disruption (3/23/10)

Building Pathways to Sustainable Peace in Sudan: Why We Can’t Wait (3/22/10)

Distinguished Visiting Practitioner Residency – The Green Canvas: The Artist as Environmental Activist – Hoseob Yoon, Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea (2/8/10 - 2/11/10)

International Criminal Justice: Developments and Reflections on the Future – Hassan Bubacar Jallow, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (11/30/09)

The Challenge of the UN Gaza Report: Justice Richard Goldstone and Former Israeli Ambassador Dore Gold Discuss the Report at Brandeis Forum (11/5/09)

South American Judicial Colloquium: El Valor del Derecho Internacional Respecto de los Sistemas Legales Nacionales (The Value of International Law for National Legal Systems) (11/4/09 - 11/7/09)

Pray the Devil Back to Hell Film Screening (10/21/09)

TMI: Social Justice in the Age of Facebook (9/10/09 - 9/11/09)

Distinguished Visiting Practitioner Residency -Fighting AIDS in Africa: Public Health vs. Human Rights – Dr. Brian Williams, Epidemiologist, World Health Organization, Geneva (2/9/09 - 2/13/09)

Presentation on Liberia (11/24/08)

What Can International and Domestic Judges Learn from One Another? – North American Judicial Colloquium (11/6/08 - 11/8/08)

arbour talk
Louise Arbour gives keynote address at north american judicial colloquium

Master’s Program Conference (4/30/08 – 5/2/08)

The Challenges of Promoting Gender Rights in Africa: The Case of Senegal (4/16/08)

Film Series Highlighting Immigration Issues in the U.S. (4/1/08 – 4/3/08)

The Next Ten Years: The Ethics Center Looks Ahead (3/13/08)

HIV/AIDS and the Gender Politics of Social Care (2/12/08)

Translations: Six Stories of (Mis)Understanding (12/10/07)

Distinguished Visiting Practitioner Residency – Forensic Anthropology, International Justice, and the Quest to End Crimes Against Humanity – Dr. William Haglund, former senior forensic advisor for the International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and the Former Yugoslavia (10/30/07 - 11/2/07)

ECSF Extravaganza (10/26/07 – 10/27/07)

Once Upon a Country: A Palestinian Life (10/11/07)

Acting Together on the World Stage: Setting the Scene for Peace (10/4/07 - 10/8/07)

Pieces of the Coexistence Puzzle: Democracy, Human Rights, Gender and Development (3/15/07 - 3/16/07)

Pieces of the Coexistence Puzzle Keynote
Senator Mobina Jaffer delivers keynote address at Pieces of the Coexistence Puzzle conference

Bioethics and Armed Conflict: Moral Dilemmas of Medicine and War (3/1/07)

Distinguished Visiting Practitioner Residency – Saving Species, Saving Lives: Balancing Biodiversity and Human Needs in Sub-Saharan Africa - Dr. Mohamed Bakarr (2/12/07 - 2/15/07)

9/11: Brandeis Reflections Five Years Later (9/11/06)

Al-Quds University Administrators Visit Brandeis (5/1/06 – 5/5/06)

Al-Quds University Graduate Students Visit Brandeis (3/20/06 – 3/30/06)

The Long View: World Leaders Focus on Problems We Ignore to Our Peril (3/9/06)

Ethics at Work (11/9/05)

Justice & Security: An Israeli Supreme Court Judge Speaks (11/8/05)

Israeli Supreme Court Justice
Israeli Supreme Court Justice Ayala Procaccia Speaks at Brandeis

Telling the Story: Power and Responsibility in Documenting Human Rights Violations (9/15/05 - 9/16/05)

Coexistence Community Reception (9/8/05)

Creative Approaches to Coexistence and Reconciliation: Iranian, Israeli, and American Playwrights’ Collaboration (9/6/05 – 9/9/05)

Justice Across Cultures (3/8/04)

Literary Responses to Mass Violence (9/16/03 - 9/18/03)

Both Sides of the Bench: New Perspectives on International Law and Human Rights (4/1/03 - 4/3/03)

The Rock: Jerusalem’s Sacred Space (3/3/02)

After September 11: The View from Abroad (11/13/01)

Catholics, Jews, and the Prism of Conscience (1/22/01)

Intervention and Prevention: The Lessons of Kosovo (12/12/00)