Marie-Hélène Girard

Assistant Professor and Academic Coordinator
Graduate Legal Translation Program
Translation Studies Unit,
School of Continuing Studies
McGill University
Montréal, Canada

Certified Translator (Canada)

marie helene girardI am an assistant professor and academic coordinator for the Graduate Diploma in Legal Translation at the Translation Studies Unit of McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies in Montréal. Prior to joining McGill, I worked as a lecturer at McGill and the University of Montréal. I also worked for the Legal Translation in International Institutional Settings: Scope, Strategies and Quality Markers Project at the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (Switzerland).

In 2019, I defended my PhD in legal translation at the University of Geneva on the topics of drafting the language of international criminal law, translating and transposing it into national legal languages and legal systems, and the effect of linguistic and legal shifts on the interpretation of international criminal law by national courts. I also hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in Translation from the University of Montréal. My current research focuses on jurilinguistics, mainly in the Canadian context and in cross-national settings (i.e., international laws transposed into national legal languages and legal systems). I have also been a certified translator in Canada since 2009.

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