Alexandra Grey

Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Law
Sydney, Australia

alexandra grey

I am a lecturer and researcher with a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Technology Sydney. I combine doctrinal law and ethnographic social sciences methods to examine how legal regimes work in practice, focusing on the governing of linguistic diversity, especially in relation to migrant and indigenous languages. 

My current project examines new legal directions in Australian state and federal governments' involvement in Aboriginal language renewal. I'm also writing up my previous postdoctoral project — "Good Governance in Multilingual Urban Communities" — which was an interdisciplinary study of laws and policies regulating Australian governments’ communications in languages other than English, with a case study of COVID-19 communications.

My PhD, "How do language rights affect minority languages in China? An ethnographic investigation of the Zhuang minority language under conditions of rapid social change," developed an interdisciplinary law and linguistics approach and has now been extended further into my book: Language Rights in a Changing China, published in 2021 by De Gruyter (Boston) in its "Contributions to the Sociology of Language" series.

I founded and run the Interdisciplinary Law and Linguistic Researchers' Network, an international network for sharing information and building collaborations for research and research dissemination.