Molly Hamm-Rodríguez

PhD Candidatemolly hamm
Equity, Bilingualism, and Biliteracy

School of Education, University of Colorado Boulder

I am a linguistic anthropologist of education broadly interested in the interactions between youth language and literacy practices and state-based and/or multilateral efforts to govern the educational and economic futures of youth as a social category. My primary research interests involve language and political economy in the Caribbean, particularly the intersections of language, education, and the inequitable spatial, racial, and class-based distributions of youth employment in tourist economies. I am also interested in the language of social protest, particularly in Caribbean and Caribbean diasporic communities in the United States as well as the intra-Caribbean solidarities that formulate around anti-imperial and anti-colonial discourses.

My research interests in the United States involve ethnographic understandings of linguistically diverse families’ experiences with translation and interpretation services in school settings as well as the politics of data and numbers and the linguistic scripting of language and literacy assessments for bilingual learners. I teach undergraduate and graduate level courses on the historical and legal foundations of bilingual education in the United States as well as biliteracy and bilingual language development.

Research interests: Bilingual education, language and education, language ideology, language and political economy, youth language and literacy practices, language and social protest, language and literacy policy, Caribbean Studies

Selected relevant publications:

Hamm-Rodríguez, M., & Medina, C. (forthcoming). Intra-Caribbean solidarities and the language of social protest. Applied Linguistics. 

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