Jonneke Koomen

Associate Professor of Politics and Sociology
Co-chair, Women's and Gender Studies
Willamette University
Salem, Oregon

jonneke koomenI am associate professor of politics, sociology, and women's and gender studies. I received a PhD in political science from the University of Minnesota. I trained as a critical international relations scholar, though I draw on a broad range of interdisciplinary approaches in my work.

My research examines how people negotiate and creatively reformulate ideas about human rights in particular places. As part of this work, I have spent a lot of time studying survivor testimonies at international criminal tribunals. I am particularly interested in the wide-ranging work of interpreters, translators and many other people who do indispensable formal and informal language work at these institutions.

In addition, my recent work focuses on race and racism in international relations. In collaboration with my students, I study critical race pedagogies, with particular attention to the ways language, culture and institutions structure access to knowledge-making.

Areas of Interest

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