Aisha Maniar

Freelance Legal Translator and Activist
United Kingdom

aisha maniarI am a freelance legal translator with undergraduate degrees in modern languages (Arabic and French) and law and a postgraduate degree in translation. I have worked for international governmental and nongovernmental organizations as a translator. I have taught MA Translation Studies at a British university as a visiting lecturer.

I am also a grassroots human rights activist with a particular focus on arbitrary detention (particularly at Guantánamo Bay), fair trials, refugee rights and social justice. As a linguist, I am interested in the intersection of these issues and language rights, particularly as in practice the latter are often obscured and used to undermine other human rights.

I am also closely following the move towards the privatization of public sector interpreting and translation services in the United Kingdom and across Europe and how this undermines human rights, particularly the right to a fair trial.

Selected Relevant Publications