Juliette Scott

Independent researcher
United Kingdom

juliette scottI carry out highly interdisciplinary research in a constellation of fields around law and language, bringing extensive experience as a legal translation practitioner, where my key achievements include the translation of: documents for G20 meetings; major cases in corporate litigation, AML, white-collar crime, banking, and Financial Intelligence Unit reports; 2,500 pages of EU legislation; correspondence between heads of state; and the co-translation of the book Revolution by French President Emmanuel Macron.

As a researcher, I have contributed articles to international journals as well as book chapters, and in 2019 my monograph, Legal Translation Outsourced, was published by Oxford University Press.

I have been a visiting lecturer in Denmark, Croatia, France and Italy, and in the UK at Bristol, London, Oxford, and the School of Oriental & African Studies, including for dissertation supervision and external expert consultancy. I act as reviewer for various specialized journals, for book chapters, and for publishers.

My research interests include the impacts of legal translation outside institutions; constraints on and performance of legal translation; comparative law & legal translation; legal translation and organized crime; and legal translators’ agency, status and professionalization.

As a regular speaker at conferences around the world, including giving plenaries and keynotes, I have a very diverse network of colleagues, and am committed to reinforcing links between academia and practice, for example through my blog and associated events, and to working across disciplines.

Selected Publications