Brazil's Balancing Act: Reconciling the Demands of Economic Development, Environmental Protection and Indigenous Rights

March 5, 2013

Experts working in diverse fields, including economic development, international business, environmental protection, international law, human rights and indigenous rights, examined the intersecting interests and responsibilities of those working in sometimes conflicting sectors.


leigh swigart, standing at podium in front of Ethics Center banner

Introductions (12:03)

biorn maybury-lewis speaks at podium in front of ethics center banner

Biorn Maybury-Lewis, Executive Director, Cambridge Institute for Brazilian Studies (9:31)

daniel luis gleizer at podium in front of ethics center banner

Daniel Luis Gleizer, Banco Itau BBA, Vice President, Saõ Paulo (16:36)

christina espinosa speaks at podium with powerpoint presentation projected on nearby screen

Christina Espinosa, Assistant Professor, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University (16:31)

fernando ribeiro delgado speaks at podium in front of ethics center banner

Fernando Ribeiro Delgado, Lecturer, Harvard Law School (13:51)

moderator and panelists seated on stage

Panel Discussion (30:49)

member of the audience asks question

Question-and-Answer Session (33:19)