Judicial Colloquia


A group of about 30 participants gathered in close quartersParticipants, presenters and staff at the West African Judicial Colloquium 2006.

The Brandeis Judicial Colloquia series fostered an exchange of experience and expertise between judges in national judiciaries and those on international courts, with the aim of establishing an ongoing dialogue on fundamental issues that affect them both.

This programming for national judges was a natural complement to the Brandeis' work with international judges (see the Brandeis Institute for International Judges), as courts around the world became increasingly interconnected in both their legal thinking and their efforts to cooperate across boundaries and judicial spheres in the interest of justice.

The reports and other outputs of the colloquia series are of enduring value for those working at, or interested in, the intersection of national and international law and legal processes.

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Colloquia Through the Years

Year Type/Location Theme/Publication
2013 Judicial Colloquium, Netherlands

Adjudicating Sexual Violence Under International and Domestic Law: The Case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

2012 Global Judicial Colloquium, Haifa, Israel N/A
2011 Judges Colloquium on Women and Justice, New Delhi, India Seeking Justice for India's Women


2010 Colloquium on Israel and International Law, Jerusalem

Balancing Sovereignty, Security and Regard for International Norms

2009 South American Judicial Colloquium, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Value of International Law for National Legal Systems

2008 North American Judicial Colloquium, Brandeis University (read keynote address)

What Can International and Domestic Judges Learn From One Another?

2007 West African Judicial Colloquium, Accra, Ghana Promoting Judicial Independence and Access to Global Jurisprudence
2006 West African Judicial Colloquium, Dakar, Senegal Connecting International and National Justice
2004 Colloquium for Prosecutors of International Tribunals, Arusha, Tanzania The Challenges of International Criminal Justice