Welcome to the Language, Culture and Justice Hub

This platform, hosted by Brandeis University, seeks to promote inquiry and share knowledge about the full complexity of justice and its processes by:

  • Acting as a clearinghouse for scholarship and practitioner-based commentary about how language and culture impact justice, broadly defined.
  • Providing a place for those working at the nexus of language, culture and justice to discover new publications, commentators, ideas, and trends.
  • Offering a bank of information, resources and contacts in critical thematic areas. The first themes to be explored will be 1) the impacts of linguistic and cultural diversity on processes of international criminal justice, and 2) language rights, including access to competent interpretation, in the context of migration.  

Why create a hub around these three phenomena, and what does the term "justice" cover? Read more at About the Hub.

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The Language, Justice and Culture Hub is an activity of the Programs in International Justice and Society of Brandeis University's International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life. It was created and is maintained by Programs Director Leigh Swigart, with the assistance of Ella Russell (Brandeis class of '22). Funding from the Rice Family Foundation helps to support the Hub.